World AIDS Day 2019 – Communities Make The Difference

On the occasion of the 2019 observance of World Aids Day, Meddo joins the world in advocating and promoting easy access to health care and the eradication of the pandemic. Our platform helps people easily find doctors in Delhi and Gurgaon and is at the heart of our efforts. The theme for this year is “Communities make the Difference” in a drive to end the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Community by Community.

What is World AIDS Day All About?

World AIDS Day was first observed in 1988. The main drive of the observance is to draw attention to the HIV epidemic, promote HIV awareness and knowledge, speak out against stigma, and call for an increased response designed to end the pandemic. This year’s emphasis is on recognizing the pivotal role continuously played by communities in responding to AIDS on an international, national, and local level whether through leadership or advocacy. There is an even greater need to mobilise communities (including people living with or affected by AIDS, peer educators, community health workers, gay men and men who have sex with other men, counsellors, civil society organizations, door-to-door service providers, women and young people, and grassroots activists) in response to the AIDS epidemic.  

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The Impact of HIV

According to an AGEP study, the key intervention point is the empowerment of adolescent girls. This is because, in many regions in the developing world, the transmission and impact of HIV are tied to lack of education and resources which leads to early marriages and childbearing, unprotected intercourse, gender-based violence, and transactional sex.  India has the third-largest AIDS epidemic in the world with 2.1 million people living with the virus as in 2017. The key affected populations include sex workers and men who have sex with other men. Considerable strides have been made in reducing the prevalence of AIDS in India by reducing new infections by 50 percent since 2001.

Connect with a doctor today

The Meddo platform makes it easy to find a doctor in Delhi and Gurgaon. It connects you with vetted doctors spanning an array of specializations for the best advice, diagnostics, and treatment. The doctors in our network are at the forefront of providing the necessary health services to promote prevention as well as manage infection such as by preventing and treating opportunistic infections. Login or Signup to get easy access to doctors in Delhi and Gurgaon, whether you wish to consult a general physician, pediatrician, gynecologist, diabetologist, obstetrician, pulmonologist, or family physician, among other specialists. You can also get more information by calling us at 8752005200 or email us at

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