Why are men prone to low energy periods?

Men are – at least by traditional definition (which, as women take up equal roles, is changing fast) – the gender that’s supposed to do the ‘heavy lifting’ in society. Simply put, get the work done and support the family. Naturally, when menfolk feel ‘down and out’ on energy, some of them take it as a reason to press the panic button.

They need not. As it turns out, plenty of men feel this way. Indeed, according to research,
men are more prone to experiencing spells of medium to intense fatigue through the course of a regular day than women.

Low energy levels can affect one’s life and lifestyle in many ways. Men going through a spell may have trouble completing basic tasks, can feel drowsy throughout the day and require frequent rests, and can find it hard to concentrate.

Feeling drained out on a regular basis can also make one feel depressed, angry and sad. It can cause one to gradually withdraw from meeting people and socialising. In some cases, it can even affect sexual performance adversely. The reasons for this can be many – from a wrong diet to lack of exercise to low testosterone count to insufficient sleep to Sleep Apnea (this happens when breathing is interrupted during sleep, and is more common in overweight men), to medical conditions like Anemia, thyroid,
diabetes and heart conditions.

If you suffer from ‘Low Energy Syndrome’, or feel that you have a mild version of it, here
are some steps you could follow to feel high on zip and drive again.

Eat meals that are rich in fruits, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains – and cut back on those full of processed fat and sugar. Drink plenty of water, since dehydration can sap energy, especially if you do physically draining work. Then, you must add some exercise to your daily routine : Start with a mild morning or evening walk, or a beginner’s gym regimen, and slowly build from there. And finally, you must make sure to get enough sleep – at least 6 uninterrupted hours of it.

Make these simple lifestyle changes sincerely and consistently, and you are sure to find a
marked improvement in your energy levels. The best part? You will be getting the lost spring back in your step.

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