Tele-consultation has arrived. Have you logged on yet?

In the times of corona crisis, social distancing is both the cure and the curse. Maintaining distance is required to prevent escalation. However, it can also severely cripple our ability to reach out to those in need. In these testing times, the healthcare community must turn to innovative solutions.

We must remember that the COVID-19 challenge is not a temporary disruption. I think, it can lead to long-term changes in economic and social life, and may alter the way we think and work forever. Amongst the trends that will help us cope with the confusion – and maintain focus in the middle of chaos – is technology and digital. And in that domain, tele-consult is fast emerging as a saviour.

With mobile handsets becoming inexpensive and cable and satellite networks spreading faster and farther everyday, the power of connectivity is now in the hands of everyone. Its uncomplicated nature and easy-reach can help the doctors/clinicians address both the issues of accessibility and affordability. Teleconsultation in particular – can also help us bridge gaps of infrastructure, logistics and lack of providers.

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Some reasons why Doctors and practitioners must immediately consider tele-consultation seriously are:
Digital technology has made tele-consult simple to adopt. Video conferencing is easy to host by the provider and easy to attend by the patient. All one needs is a smartphone and a platform like Meddo Health.

  • Tele-consultation ensures quick and timely treatment irrespective of the patient’s or provider’s location, helping us maintain social distancing and quarantine conditions.  
  • Tele-consultation not only makes the healing touch accessible by millions – it also makes healthcare a lot more affordable – which is the ultimate goal of a healthcare professional.
  • From the point of view of professional and business growth, tele-consultation brings new avenues of expanding presence and exploring new markets.
  • Tele-consultation easily fits into one’s routine, and can be done flexibly from anywhere without disruption to schedule.
  • With both provider and patient connecting at their own convenience and time, tele-consultation creates better engagement and better outcomes.
  • By making distance irrelevant and connecting all parties quickly, tele-consultation can revolutionise urgent consultations and critical care as well.

It is time to add digital to our healthcare. It is time to make tele-consultation the norm, not the exception. To book an E-consultation and speak to a specialist now with meddo click here.

E-consult can help us cope with the current crisis by ensuring accessibility and affordability isn’t affected. There are other benefits too. Explore why it is something healthcare leaders must consider ASAP!

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