Surgeries and Treatments Calling for a Consultation with an ENT Specialist

We all turn to an ENT specialist in case of any ear issues, sinus problems, throat pains and other ailments related to our ears, nose, and throat. What we often do not factor in is that the nerves above the neck in our body are highly interdependent and delicate, requiring us to pay due attention to the ENT zone for a whole lot of other medical conditions. That is the reason we have put together a list of various surgeries, ailments, and treatments, at the onset of which you must consult an ENT in Gurgaon. Take a look. 

Endocrine Thyroid Surgeries

The thyroid gland is one of the key endocrine glands in our body that is located in the neck region, around the windpipe. Situations where a patient is suffering from thyroid cancer, growths or lumps on the gland or airway obstruction, there may be a requirement of a surgical procedure. As it is in the throat region, obtaining the guidance of an ENT specialist in Gurgaon can help you clear out all doubts.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery & Browlifts

Any cosmetic corrections in and around the facial area require a sign off from an ENT specialist. While a rhinoplasty and other nose-related corrections fall under the purview of an ENT doctor, even other seemingly unrelated surgeries need their expert opinion. These include genioplasty or chin correction, cheekbone lifts, and jaw corrections among others. From neck-up, the human body is extremely delicate and intertwined, wherein every region is closely connected with the other. 

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Mouth Cancers

Any cancers plaguing the mouth area, salivary glands, facial skin, and other surrounding areas may have repercussions on your ENT set-up and hence it is imperative that you rule out any contingencies or risks prior to going in for a treatment or surgery. 

Skull Base Surgery

This type of surgery is opted to remove and check abnormal growths and lumps in the region. Aside from other medical reasons. These lumps require extraction and may need to be tested in the event that they are cancerous. These kind of surgeries are fairly complex and involve a team of doctors from various specializations including ENT. 

As there are some nerves at the base of the skull that are responsible for the optimal functioning of our ears, throat, and sense of balance in relation to the cerebellum and Broca for speech, it is important to seek the counsel of an ENT before opting for this kind of surgery. 

Wrap Up

If you or a loved one is looking to undergo any of these procedures, do check with an ENT Doctor in Gurgaon before you go under the knife, for which you can always count of Meddo, India’s first clinic chain aggregator. If you have any questions, simply call +91-87-5200-5200 or write to us at To book an appointment with an ENT specialist near you, click here.

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