Skin Care Routine For Dry Skin – Tips & Tricks

Are you having difficulty in dealing with skin that feels dry, tight and flaky throughout the day? Does itching follow the dryness as well?

There can be numerous causes for dry skin, lack of moisture and hydration being a no-brainer among them. Worry not, as opposed to popular belief; dry skin treatment is not that burdensome. Sticking to the proper skin care can be a simple answer to all your skin problems. But before building a skin-care routine, it is imperative to know that every skin has its own distinctive needs. Therefore, finding the right products for your unique skin type is equally important as knowing the method and order of application.

So, if you wish to learn more about the best daily dry skin care routine that can keep skin dryness at bay, keep reading!

Daily Best Skin Care Routine For Dry Skin

A great skincare routine is always carried out at spaced intervals, allowing your skin some time to breathe in and absorb. That is why splitting your skin care regimen into daytime and night-time routine is beneficial.  

Daytime dry skin care tips focus on preventing your skin from exposure to pollution and UV rays. A Night-time skin care routine is about repairing the damages and letting your skin recover and rejuvenate while you sleep.

Daytime Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin

  • Cleansing

Cleansing your face is the most important step of any skin care routine. Our skin comes in contact with pollutants, dirt and other factors each day. That’s why it’s necessary to wash your face gently and prevent it from clogged pores, acne and dullness.

For dry skin, gentle products that contain emollients are recommended. The emollients ensure that there is no build-up on your face. A gentle facial cleanser makes sure that your skin’s natural oils remain intact.

  • Toner

A toner should be applied after cleansing your skin. The toner will not only help tone your skin but will remove any impurities that are left behind. It essentially helps to clear, calm and keep your skin hydrated.

For daytime routine, it is recommended to use a toner without exfoliating acids in it. To use a toner, you can simply pat it onto your face with a clean cotton ball right after using a facial cleanser.

  • Antioxidant Serum

Antioxidant serums are known to provide added visible benefits. Add a serum that suits your skin and suitable antioxidants in your daily skin care routine for dry skin. It can be very beneficial as it is absorbed quickly into the skin, soothes sensitive skin, protects your skin from future damage and feels light as well.

  • Moisturizer with SPF

Skin-moisturizing is the fourth and crucial step in keeping the skin hydrated and soft. The texture of your moisture depends on your skin type. For dry skin, expert’s recommend using a soft cream moisturizer. With the addition of SPF (of at least 30) in your moisturizer, your skin will be protected from sun and pollution, and hydration will also be maintained.

Night Skin Routine For Dry Skin

  • Cleansing

After a long tiring day, we know it might seem impossible to stick to a strict skin care routine at night. However, think of it this way, as you get your good night’s sleep, your skin can also replenish overnight with just a very few basic steps. Starting with the simplest of all, i.e., cleansing your skin. Cleansing the dirt and impurities accumulated through the day soothes and purifies your skin.

  • Toner

Toners contain many essential elements like niacinamide and Alpha-hydroxy acids or AHAs, which prevents pigmentation and maintains a uniform skin tone. Adding a toner to your night time skin care regimen will provide extra hydration to your skin. They also come with the added benefits of efficiently removing make-up, reducing acne, clearing pores and dead skin cells. For the night-time skin care routine, you can use a toner with exfoliating acids.

  • Retinol Serum

Retinol Serum should be used at night because it is not effective under the sun. When applied at night, Retinol boosts the rate of new skin cells growth. Its usage helps in reducing dark spots and any other damage caused during the day. It also improves hydration and has a calming effect on your skin.

Make sure to pick a gentle Retinol formula that has no side effects such as inflammation and irritation. Consult a Meddo dermatologist to know which retinol serum will suit you the best.

  • Eye Cream

Can you hold out without using an eye cream? Absolutely. But if you have concerns related to hyperpigmentation, dryness and puffiness, you might want to try one in your skin care routine. The skin around your eyes is very delicate, so use an eye cream that considers the potential sensitivity. Using it will help you get rid of dark circles, puffy eyes and thin lines. Look for anti-ageing or skin brightening properties as per your need, and be sure to pick out the best eye cream that is designed to be applied at night. Day time creams act as a preventive shield against damage, and night time creams reverse it.

  • Hydrating Moisturizer

With the hydrating moisturizer, your face will get an overnight deep treatment. Moisturizers also help in fighting discolouration and ageing. When choosing a product, look for ingredients that are specific to your concerns. Consult an expert to pick the right moisturizer for your skin type.

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Weekly Additional Tips For Skin Care Routine For Dry Sensitive Skin

Furthermore, to your daily day and night time skin care routine, you can also do some of the things given below to energize your skin and give it a glow:

  • At-Home Exfoliating Peel

Peels are great to exfoliate your skin. Peels that can be applied at home are readily available. Pick a peel that caters specifically to your skin type and concerns. Also, remember to use it not more than once in a week or two as, beyond a level, it could cause damage to the skin.

  • Face oil

A face oil consists of natural extracts that hydrate your skin and brighten it. Olive oil, for example, is considered to be great for brightening the skin and Argan oil at clearing acne and hydrating it. Consult a Meddo dermatologist before applying a face oil as wrong usage or type can cause irritation and skin inflammation.

  • Overnight Mask

You can also try overnight masks once in a while as it makes your skin plumper and more toned.

  • Do Not Use Hot Water

Hot and long showers make conditions worse for people who already have dry skin. Using hot water only dries the skin more. It can leave your skin feeling irritated. Therefore, it is advised that you use lukewarm water instead and keep your shower short.

  • Seek Expert Help

Before using a product on your skin, it is important to you seek professional advice. Consulting an expert is essential to ensure that you are using products that are specific to your skin type and has ingredients that suit you well. It also helps in the proper treatment of your dry skin. By doing this, you will prevent your skin from inflammation.

If you need to seek medical advice on a skin condition, Consult Meddo dermatologist today. our doctors are available 24/7 over the Meddo app.

Wrapping Up

Sticking to a daily skin care routine that suits your skin type will have long-term positive effects on your skin. Although it takes some time for the effect of your new skin care regimen to be visible, it sure is worth the wait and the effort. Following the above steps and recommendations will help in keeping your skin hydrated, moisturized and healthy.

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