Preparing For Surgery With Diabetes

Being diabetic and fluctuating blood sugar levels may lead to complications during and after a surgical procedure. Aside from problems controlling blood sugar levels during the surgery, there is an increased risk of contracting infections, losing excessive blood, healing slower than usual, or having heart/kidney problems post-surgery. 

People who are diabetic and contemplating undergoing surgery need to take additional precautions and do more by way of preparations for surgery. We discuss some such preparations to be undertaken in consultation with a Diabetes Specialist Doctor. 

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Before Surgery

Glucose levels must be actively monitored prior to surgery before & after meals and just before bedtime. In the week leading up to surgery, a Diabetes Doctor in Delhi or Gurgaon, in consultation with a surgeon, may put the patient onto a strict diet that regulates blood sugar levels. 

Taking some medications such as gliflozins and metformin may have to be stopped 48 hours prior to surgery. If a patient takes insulin, the Diabetologist may advise against avoiding it the night before surgery.

During The Surgery

Below are some pointers to discuss with the surgeon along with a diabetologist on how blood sugar levels during surgery will be controlled:

  • Who will manage the blood sugar levels during hospital stay post-surgery
  • Should the previous nights’ dose and the morning dose of insulin be administered prior to surgery
  • When should the last meal prior to surgery be consumed
  • Are liquids allowed on the morning of the surgery

Aside from this, patients must also discuss all other medications they are currently on to avoid any complications in blood sugar levels during surgery. 

After The Surgery

Post-surgery, the attendants at the hospital will keep a regular check on the patient’s blood sugar levels. As patients may find it difficult to consume food after most surgeries, there may be fluctuations in the glucose levels. In such cases, medicines to increase blood sugar may be administered orally or through an IV line. 

Patients with diabetes tend to take longer to heal vis-à-vis other patients. They may also be required to stay in the hospital for a longer duration of time, especially when it comes to major surgery. Diabetic patients are also at the risk of developing bedsores much faster which is why appropriate precautions may need to be taken. 

At-Home Care

Once discharged, diabetic patients must stay in touch with their Diabetes Doctor and resume medications as instructed. Dietary restrictions may also have to be followed. 

Diabetics patients may also contract infections if the wound or incision does not dry well. Patients must attentively check for signs of infections, fever, swelling of the feet, pain or swelling around the incision or other such indications. If the patient is on painkillers, the pain and other indications of infection may not surface until they are at an advanced stage. 

In such is the case, physical examination of the incision area, feet and body temperature is essential on a daily basis. If the patient has a body temperature of more than 101 degrees Fahrenheit, chills and body warmth, you need to seek medical help immediately.

Wrap Up

Blood sugar levels can be effectively controlled and prevented from giving rise to complications during and after surgery. Constant care, monitoring, and dietary controls during the weeks leading up to the surgery as well as clarity on post-surgery diabetes management can ensure a patient recovers at a normal pace with reduced scarring and faster healing. It is always important to make sure that you connect with a reputable diabetes specialist doctor in Gurgaon or Delhi for the ultimate in care. We connect you with diabetologists who can guide you through all the precautions to be adopted. You can count on Meddo to connect you with the best diabetologists in Delhi and Gurgaon. Schedule a doctor’s visit or get in touch with us at 8752005200 or email at

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