Managing Diabetes, Effectively!

Diabetes is a result of an imbalance in levels of Insulin in the body and is mainly caused by external factors like high levels of pollution, low quality of food, lack of clean drinking water and disorganized lifestyle. A staggering 5% of India’s current population of 132 crore today suffers from Diabetes. In fact, India has been crowned with the title of Diabetes Capital of the World.

There are two types of Diabetes:

  • Type 1, where no Insulin is produced in the body
  • The most common Type 2, where body doesn’t produce enough Insulin.

 What’s the basic difference?

Age: Type 1 commonly occurs during childhood, or under 40 years of age while Type 2 occurs in people who are over 40.

Timing of Symptoms: Both types sharing common symptoms such as weight-loss, slow healing of wounds, blurred vision, tiredness, lethargy and genital itching. While Type 1 symptoms occur quickly, Type 2 symptoms occur slowly over the years.

Managing Diabetes: Here’s what you should do

Studies have shown that a combination of good food and a healthy lifestyle reduce the chances of acquiring Diabetes, as much as 72%. Here’s a few ‘everyday’ steps that you can take:

  • Eat food with low salt, sugar and fat – Adopt a diet full of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables. Poultry and fish are normally low on salt, sugar and fat. Also, prefer home-made snacks than eating out
  • Exercise regularly – Aim to spend at least 150 minutes of your time in exercising per week. Exercising not only regulates the functions of your body, it keeps stress in check as well, thereby reducing the chances of acquiring diabetes

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  • Rest well. Be active – Take adequate rest in the night while staying active throughout the day. Walk briskly, participate in sports or some kind of physical activity and spend less time sitting over that smart phone.
  • Avoid Drinking and Smoking – Drinking and smoking not only hamper your health but disrupt your lifestyle as well, due to their addictive nature. Avoid it at all costs.
  • Monitor blood sugar regularly – Since diabetes can occur at any age, it becomes vital to monitor blood sugar and cholesterol levels for a healthier life.
  • Laugh a lot!

Making healthy lifestyle changes can greatly reduce the risk of acquiring Diabetes and related health problems. In fact, many patients suffering from obesity who adopt a healthy lifestyle are at a lower risk of acquiring diabetes, particularly Type 2. Do spread the word and share this with your friends and family. Let’s beat Diabetes together!

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