How To Stay Active With A Heart Condition

We all know that regular exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy heart. But as your cardiologist in Gurgaon might advise, while staying active is key, not all exercise is considered safe for all. For those that have suffered from a previous heart attack or have been diagnosed with a heart condition, exercising can be a scary thing. Should you work out? The answer is yes.

When performed correctly and under the supervision of your cardiologist in Gurgaon, working out is great for your heart. In fact, engaging in aerobic exercise for at least 30 minutes on a daily basis is essential to keeping a healthy heart. However, this doesn’t mean you should go ahead and sign up for a crazy high-intensity workout class at your gym. When you suffer from heart disease or have had a heart attack, there are certain precautions you should keep in mind.  In today’s post, we’ll go over some general recommendations to working out when you have a heart condition.

Do You Have A Heart Condition?

Talk To a Cardiologist In Gurgaon

The most important requirement to workout if you have a heart condition is to get your doctor’s approval. Not only will Heart Specialist In Gurgaon decide whether you can work out or not, but also guide you in the process. Your cardiologist doctor will set a reasonable type and amount of exercise that is safe for you to do. exercising under medical supervision is the key to success.

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Aim For Moderation

Like in many things in life, moderation is of vital importance. If you’ve decided to start working out, starting slow is the best way to go. A 30 minute comfortable paced walk is both safe and beneficial. If 30 minutes is too hard, aim for 15. Once you feel comfortable, you can work yourself up to longer workouts. The point is to stay active while keeping risks of injury or health problems minimal.

Stop When Needed

It is important to constantly assess how you feel. If you woke up feeling ill or weak, working out might not be the best choice. Staying vigilant of your own body is also key during the actual workout. If you ever experience dizziness, shortness of breath or pain, stop and ask for help. When working out you might be tempted to push yourself as hard as you can, however, this comes at a risk. Be aware of your body’s limits and work within them. Being active should never make you feel uncomfortable

Have An Emergency Plan

If you have decided to work out, don’t go out unprepared. Plan for the case that you were to experience any health issues during your workout. What would you do? Who could help you out? Keep a cellphone with you to communicate with emergency services or your emergency contact. When possible invite a loved one to join you on your daily walk. Carry your medication with you. These little actions could end up saving your life.

In Conclusion

Want to learn more about exercising with a heart condition. Visit one of our cardiologists in Gurgaon for a full evaluation. A heart specialist in Delhi or Gurgaon can best advise you of when, where and how much to work out. Find a Heart Specialist In Gurgaon here or call Meddo at 8752005200 for more information. in a new tab)

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