How coffee can wake your skin up?

Think your favourite cup of coffee is only good for waking you up in the morning, adding
pep to your conversations or stimulate your mind during creative activities? Think again.

Research – and experiments in the laboratory – suggests that caffeine is good for a whole lot more. Whether you prefer to drink, use it innovatively in your recipes or rub your skin with a cream or soap that contains caffeine, get ready to be pleasantly surprised.

Yes, coffee can work wonders on your skin.

Here’s how:

Caffeine is loaded with anti-oxidants.

Our skin has to combat – often unsuccessfully – against heavy doses of environmental free-radicals throughout the day. Coffee being rich in anti-oxidants – the natural ‘enemy’ of free-radicals – offers the prefect shield. It not only boosts the skin’s natural defence system, but is also effect in skin cell energy preservation.

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Caffeine acts as a natural UV bodyguard.

The dangers of the sun’s UV rays when it comes to our skin is well documented by scientists. It can lead to a bunch of maladies and disorders, including cancer. Caffeine’s anti-carcinogenic properties come to our rescue here. Not just that. Research shows that caffeine can also inhibit DNA damage response, thereby acting as an effective solution for non-melanoma skin cancer.

It improves circulation.

Coffee gives a shot to our blood circulation, which in turn leads to re-invigorated, healthy and glowing skin.

Not just ‘fast aid’, but First Aid too.

Caffeine possesses medicinal properties as well, and is known to heal swelling and
inflammation on the skin. This can be great news if you are trying to treat skin conditions such as dark circles under the eye.

It can work magic for your scalp and hair.

Ground coffee is good for exfoliating the scalp. And guess what? Owing to its ability to block the effect of DHT, caffeine can stimulate hair follicle health, and thus, trigger hair growth too.

So wake up to the miracle powers of coffee. And give your skin a shot of your favourite

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