How Can You Tell If Your Baby Is Sick?

As a new parent, every new day comes with new experiences. Your baby has as much to learn about the world as you have to learn about them and it is perfectly normal to have questions. Some issues, such as discovering the best stroller for your newborn have little importance in the long run. However, being unsure of your child’s health can have serious consequences. That is why we make it easy for new parents to consult child specialists in Gurgaon and Delhi. 

When To Contact Your Pediatrician In Gurgaon?

A child specialist is always the best source of information about your child’s health. Talking to a pediatrician about your child’s health and care issues is the most responsible route. As a parent, you should also educate yourself to know important warning signs that can help you take appropriate action on time. By being able to know when your baby is sick, you can reach out to a Child Specialist In Gurgaon in the nick of time. Taking timely action is key to your baby’s quick return to good health.

Signs You Should Visit Child Specialist Doctor In Delhi or Gurgaon

Changes In Behavior

Your newborn might not be able to talk, but they definitely have ways to communicate. One of the easiest ways to gain insight into your baby’s condition is by observing their behavior. Crying and exhibiting an attitude can indicate something wrong with the baby’s well being.

A fussy baby that cries uncontrollably may demand an immediate visit to a child specialist in Gurgaon or Delhi. Unlike adults, babies can’t verbally express their pain or discomfort. This requires parents to be on a constant lookout for the small pieces of evidence the child provides. Irritability is an important warning sign that newborns present when sick or feverish.

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A Drowsy Or Limp Newborn

It is important to assess your baby’s alertness constantly. It is not normal that a baby can’t be woken up or struggles to wake for feedings. Drowsiness and little or no response to stimuli (visual, auditive, etc.) should also be noted. 

There are many possible causes for lethargy in a baby, some more serious than others. Only a Pediatrician can give the right diagnosis and treatment.

A lethargic or limp baby is a cause of concern and should be treated as a medical emergency. If your child exhibits these symptoms it is important that you seek medical attention from a child specialist in Gurgaon ASAP.


Babies are pretty small but their bodies contain a large amount of water. Newborns and young infants are especially prone to dehydration, which can have serious effects on their health. You may also need to know that early signs of this problem frequently go unnoticed. 

For instance, new parents may not be aware of how frequent diapers should be changed. Lack of a wet diaper in 8 hours speaks of severe dehydration and requires immediate medical consultation with a child specialist or neonatologist in Gurgaon or Delhi. Dryness of lips and skin or swollen fontanelles are also signs of dehydration.

Final Thoughts

While it is important to keep these warning signs in mind, no symptom should be ignored when your child’s health at stake. At Meddo we can connect you with top Child Specialist doctors in Delhi and Gurgaon to assist with your every concern. Find the best pediatricians here at meddo or call us at 8752005200 for more information.

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