7 Reasons Women Should Consult a Gynaecologist

There are a plethora of reasons, both common and uncommon, why you should consider consulting a gynecologist. While regular consultations with a gynecologist helps detect and address potential issues at an early stage; sometimes, there are unexpected circumstances that force us to visit a gynecologist. With this in mind, we present to you some of the reasons you should consider consulting a gynecologist. Read on.

1. You just had your first sexual relationship

The start of your sex life is one of the main reasons to go to the gynecologist. The doctor will help you find a contraceptive that suits your lifestyle. You can also make sure that your body is in perfect health, and guide you on how you can avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

2. You have constant menstrual pains

Menstruation is capable of causing abdominal pain, and these small contractions generate discomfort that might ruin your days. To find a solution, go to monthly check-ups with your gynecologist, since he will help you alleviate these discomforts.

3. You have abnormal menstruations

Abnormal menstruation is significantly different from normal menstrual pattern. A gynecologist should be consulted whenever there are inconsistencies in the cycle, intermenstrual losses, or abundant vaginal blood loss. After a physical examination and the required tests, the gynecologist will give a diagnosis and apply the appropriate treatment.

4. You are planning to start a family

Another great reason to go to the gynecologist is if you’re planning to start a family. From these visits, you will know what methods of fertility to use, what days you are more fertile, and in general what you should do to have a healthy child.

5. You have experienced pain during sexual intercourse

Pain during sexual intercourse is not normal. This might be a sign that there is something irregular in your body. As soon as you become aware of this, you know it’s time to visit a gynecologist. The doctor can give you a diagnosis of the reasons why this is happening to you.

6. You notice a foul smell from the genital region

Visit a gynecologist immediately if you notice a foul smell coming from the genital region. Although it is usually an area that tends to keep warm, at no time should bad odors be justified. If you detect a strong, pungent and unusual smell, it’s time to make an appointment.

7. You notice lumps in your breasts

Self-examination of the breasts should be done at least once a month. Early detection of cancerous growth can save lives. If you feel ‘little balls’ or small irregularities in your breasts, visit your gynecologist for a thorough checkup.

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Wrap Up

There are many reasons why you should regularly consult a gynecologist. From simple and mundane reasons to more complex and dangerous ones, scheduling regular appointments with a gynecologist is of vital importance. Whether you need a gynecologist In Gurgaon, a gynecologist In Delhi, or a gynecologist In Dwarka, Meddo is the best platform to find it. We help you consult a gynecologist that you can trust, and can deliver comprehensive healthcare services under a single roof. If you have any questions, write to us at contact@meddo.in or simply call +91 87 5200 5200.

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